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Catching up with the times: Bringing WIC to participants via Telehealth Solutions

North Carolina WIC aims to decrease barriers of access to WIC services and increase focus on tailored nutritional needs through four different components: (1) a participant portal app for streamlining the certification process, (2) a video chat component available on the portal to host distance appointments, (3) fixed kiosks to be placed in high-participant-traffic areas of the community with participant portal capabilities, and (4) a TeleWICService Center to be utilized by local WIC agencies that are short-staffed to facilitate distance-based appointments.

Nan Pardington – Project Director

Nan Pardington is the Clinical Subject Matter Expert and Nutrition Policy Liaison for the North Carolina WIC Management Information System, and the Project Director for the North Carolina THIS-WIC Project. Nan works with NC WIC Program staff to interpret nutrition policy and has been a member of the eWIC Core Team, NC Crossroads Rollout Team, and the leader of the Telehealth Workgroup.

Katie Clarke – Deputy Director

Katie Clarke works on the Nutrition Education, Training, and Outreach Team for North Carolina WIC and will serve as the Project Deputy Director for the NC THIS-WIC Project. In her spare time, Katie also acts as the nutrition coordinator for a local food assistance program called PORCH for the past seven years.