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Leveling Up: Delivery of Breastfeeding Education via Interactive Gamification

Vermont WIC will develop a game-based telehealth solution for use during pregnancy and early postpartum weeks to promote breastfeeding initiation and longer duration. Through the game portal, qualified WIC staff members will be able to track a WIC participant’s progress in order to tailor counseling to their needs. The game is designed to work in low-bandwidth areas.

Amy Malinowski – Project Director

Amy Malinowski is the Public Health Nutrition Specialist for the Vermont Department of Health WIC Program, the lead for quality improvement and evaluation, and the Project Manager for the Vermont THIS-WIC Project. Amy has 14 years of public health experience and has led innovative projects in Vermont WIC that include a successful pilot of streamlining WIC services by offering WIC mid-certifications by phone.

Tricia Cassi – Deputy Director

Tricia Cassi, Vermont WIC State Breastfeeding Coordinator, will provide subject matter expertise in game content and local level implementation of the telehealth solution for the Vermont THIS-WIC Project. Tricia has 18 years of experience as an IBCLC providing direct services and leading strategic breastfeeding improvement strategies across the state.