< Priority Area II.

Telehealth Solutions for South Carolina WIC

South Carolina WIC will develop an online, mobile-friendly telehealth application to enable WIC participants to access WIC services including high-risk nutrition care planning, breastfeeding education, breastfeeding support, and high-risk assessment via one-on-one video chat, phone call, text messaging, and document sharing through the app.

Jacob Meyers – Project Director

Jacob Meyers is a Nutrition Consultant and Registered Dietitian for the South Carolina WIC Program, and the Project Lead for the South Carolina THIS-WIC Project. Jacob has worked within the WIC Program for four years, and was integral to the development of the current SC Management Information System.

Beverly Brockington – Deputy Director

Beverly Brockington is the South Carolina WIC Assistant Director and will serve as Deputy Director for the THIS-WIC project. Beverly will help oversee the development of the telehealth application and be the liaison for THIS-WIC communications. Beverly will assist in overseeing timelines and ensure the project stays on task.