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Technical Support Overview


Phase II. Technical Assistance Overview


The THIS-WIC team will provide technical support to WIC SAs during the application process and implementation period. Additionally, WIC SAs have the option to reach out to their Regional Telehealth Resource Center (TRCs). Any questions related to eligibility should be directed to the THIS-WIC team (thiswic@tufts.edu).

TRCs were established to provide assistance, education and information to organizations and individuals who are actively providing or interested in providing care at a distance – see the THIS-WIC TRC page for more information.

To ensure that all technical support provided to WIC SAs is uniformly available to all, the THIS-WIC team will post a summary of applicable questions and answers provided by the THIS-WIC team and TRCs. The THIS-WIC team aims to answer questions as quickly as possible and may add questions anonymously to our FAQ to share with other applicants. No identifying information will be shared on the FAQ page.

Project Implementation Technical Support

THIS-WIC will continue to provide support to funded agencies as they implement their telehealth innovations. That support includes assistance to develop and strengthen implementation and evaluation plans, including data collection. THIS-WIC will organize a Learning Collaborative that will provide ongoing opportunities for grantees to interact and learn from one another through webinars and conference calls.

Example capacity-building opportunities include: