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Evaluation Expectations for Funded State Agencies


Although applicants do not need to have prior evaluation experience, applicants must speak to their capacity to work collaboratively and meet essential evaluation components (i.e., data provision) if funded.

For additional details about expectations related to evaluation and data collection, including the roles of THIS-WIC and that of SAs, please see the table below.

Evaluation Support THIS-WIC TeamWIC SA
Design• Work with grantee to refine evaluation design, troubleshoot challenges, and create final evaluation design, including cross-cutting outcomes to measure

• Select a sample for a provider and/or participant surveys
•Work with the THIS-WIC team to finalize implementation and evaluation plans and hire additional staff needed to support the evaluation process

• Provide data for sampling frame
Preparation & Training • Provide training and support to grantees including the provision of valid data collection instruments (i.e., surveys)

• Establish data reporting requirements and timing for grantees; provide support and guidance to grantees on staff training required to collect and track data for evaluation
• Support key WIC staff (SA, local agencies/clinics) attendance at any required workshops/webinars on evaluation (Grantees must include in their budget travel costs for at least two team members to attend the Kick-off training and the WIC Telehealth Innovation Research Dissemination Workshop)

•Allow staff to be trained by THIS-WIC to track required data outcomes and provide high-quality data to THIS-WIC for use in evaluation
Data collection • Conduct key informant interviews; administer surveys• Assist with arranging provider and/or participant contact for potential interviews and/or surveys
Data management and analysis• Clean and analyze data• Collect and share all agreed-upon, de-identified WIC data to THIS-WIC
Reports & Dissemination of Evaluation Results• Develop WIC SA-specific and overall evaluation reports

• Prepare abstracts for scientific and practitioner-oriented meetings; Publish peer-reviewed manuscripts related to findings
• Submit all required reports (draft, final)

• Collaborate with THIS-WIC to create dissemination materials such as a short video summarizing key elements of the project and notable results (guidance will be provided from THIS-WIC throughout their creation)

• Collaborate with THIS-WIC to develop presentations and manuscripts, if desired