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Evaluation Outcomes


When creating their evaluation strategy, applicants should also have in mind outcomes of interest for the proposed telehealth intervention. While we expect that specific outcomes will vary depending on the proposed intervention, THIS-WIC requires that all funded projects will include evaluation at each of the following levels:

  • Process – Have intervention activities been implemented as intended?
  • Intermediate – Are there short-term impacts (i.e., changes in knowledge and attitudes of participants) of the intervention?
  • Impact – Are there longer-term changes (i.e., dietary intake, infant feeding practices, retention in WIC) that can be attributed to the intervention?
  • Cost – What are the costs associated with the telehealth intervention at various levels, including participant, provider, and WIC agency (SA, local agency/clinic)?

See the table below for examples of required outcomes specific to each category (e.g., WIC participants). The outcomes shown in bold below are examples of outcomes we anticipate all grant recipient projects will be able to examine in collaboration with THIS-WIC.

Please keep in mind that once projects have been selected for funding, the THIS-WIC team will work with each WIC SA to finalize selection of specific outcomes.

Required OutcomeWIC Participants (i.e., mothers, infants)
Qualified WIC ProfessionalWIC Program
Impact• Dietary intake (i.e., Fruit and Vegetable intake)

• Breastfeeding duration

• Appropriate weight gain
• Frequency of using the telehealth innovationReach and retention
Intermediate• Knowledge about nutrition

• Attitude toward a nutrition-related behavior (i.e., whole-grain consumption)
• Attitude towards using the innovation

• Readiness to use the innovation
Process• Satisfaction and usage of telehealth innovation• Experience using the innovation

• Changes in staff workflow related to innovation
Ability to scale innovation to other clinics
CostFinancial assessment for participantsFinancial assessment for providersFinancial assessment for local agencies