South Carolina WIC: Streamlining Services through Telehealth

When South Carolina was approached by their Management Information System (MIS) vendor to develop an online platform for nutrition and breastfeeding services, they saw it as an opportunity to expand upon their existing WIC services. South Carolina WIC recognized the need to reach clients, particularly in rural communities,  and decided that telehealth was the solution to addressing this barrier. 


Project Overview

South Carolina outlined a plan to develop an online, mobile-friendly telehealth application to grant WIC participants access to WIC services. This online platform includes services for breastfeeding education, breastfeeding support, high-risk assessment, and high-risk nutrition care planning. The platforms allows for one-on-one video chat, phone calls, text messaging, and document sharing to be streamlined into one system. In addition, telehealth would allow South Carolina to address staffing concerns related to high-staff turnover among qualified professionals by enabling staff to provide services at multiple clinic sites without having to travel.  


Contracting and Request for Proposal (RFP) 

 South Carolina had a unique relationship with their telehealth vendor, GCOM, in that the WIC Program was invited to partner in the creation of an online platform to streamline services. GCOM is South Carolina’s current MIS provider and they proposed a solution to create an online platform to streamline services. South Carolina was able to amend the current contract with GCOM to add in the telehealth changes.   

Advice for Others

Build Excitement Early On

South Carolina recognized the need for staff buy-in early on. They supported this by building excitement around explaining the new innovative technology solution that would offer unique opportunities to South Carolina WIC participants Additionally, they had monthly touchpoints with the local agency staff so that they could build familiarity with the platform. These touchpoints allowed for an assessment of understanding, as well as providing a space for questions to be asked and knowledge to be shared.  

Communication is Key

As South Carolina has continued working with their vendor, they have recognized the importance of clear and open communication. South Carolina WIC identified the need to have regular meetings with the MIS vendor devoted primarily to status updates and discussions around the telehealth solution. Based on their experience, South Carolina advised that the other teams layout a system and clear plan for communication with the vendor during the contracting process so that the flow of information is understood. 

Dedicated Project Manager

When South Carolina began working with the solution, they recognized the need for having an individual who could take ownership of the solution and manage the project. Although South Carolina didn’t have an individual specifically responsible for overseeing implementation of the solution, they recommend having one for future projects. South Carolina quickly realized that no one on their team had the capacity to do their job plus implementing a telehealth solution. A part time position dedicated to managing the solution, communicating with the vendor, training staff, and answering questions would ensure one person knows the ins and outs of all components of the solution. 

South Carolina took the opportunity that GCOM presented and decided to provide telehealth services to their clients. The solution will work to expand services, streamline staff responsibilities, and reach new clients.  

The South Carolina WIC Team 

Beverly Brockington, MS, RD, LD, CLC, Assistant State WIC Director

Portavia Chandler, MSPH, APM, Lead WIC Epidemiologist

Sylvia Davis, RD, LD, CLC, Manager, Nutrition Service Unit

Jenna Deaver, RDN, LDN, IBCLC, State Breastfeeding Coordinator, Nutrition Service Unit 

Heather Price, MBA, CGFO, Administration Director, Bureau of Community Nutrition Services

Bettina Walker, MBA, CSM, PMP, WIC Technology Service Unit Manager/eWIC MIS/EBT Manager

Screenshot of South Carolina WIC’s telehealth portal landing page.

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